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Statistics say that businesses save up to 70% by working with a dedicated team. Remote teams don’t require as many resources as the in-house staff. Also, you cut costs of team management, but still keep the project under control. Now you have a team Dedicated Development Team of specialists working full-time on your project under your management. Customers who hire our dedicated teams achieve their goals, release great products, and leave us positive reviews (4,9/5 according to Clutch and in-house client surveys).

In case you find any candidate unsuitable for the job, you can always ask for a replacement. There are several ways to reduce potential risks when hiring a dedicated team model. As a rule, companies are listed in the contract and include financial retribution in case of any trouble.

Maximum attention should be paid to motivation, this is even more important than experience. This method is not yet very popular, although it often gives good results. Recently, a lot of specialized courses and schools have appeared in the IT education market, and the quality of education in them can vary greatly. It is very important to understand the level of teachers and the educational process itself. Their graduates are very interested in practice and work, so for typical tasks, you can choose a junior team recommended by the course instructor. Social media is another strong search channel for finding a dedicated development team in the IT industry.

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As a leading dedicated development company, TatvaSoft can help you boost sales, improve brand presence and cater to unique needs of customers with the help of competent and skilled dedicated teams. Expand your ability to cater your business goals efficiently by hiring our dedicated software development team. Our experienced software development team has gained significant insights through continuous training programs which benefits clients’ businesses with high-quality deliverables and faster project deadlines. Start by researching a competent software development vendor that will align with your business values, technical requirements, and budget. Once you’ve found the company, strive to build honest and transparent collaboration with them. Identify the scope of work, the team size, and the roles necessary to complete the project and get things going with your dedicated software developers.

At Belitsoft you can hire dedicated programmers, software engineers, QA specialists and other development staff to satisfy your software development outsourcing needs. If you are planning to hire a dedicated software development team in India, make sure to avoid these common mistakes before moving ahead. Our years of experience in this industry have taught us that organizations which take care of the following ten things are more likely to get good output from their software development team . Here are the top things, in order of importance, that you should look into before hiring a dedicated software development team in India.

Models Of Collaboration In Outsourcing Software

When you hire a Syberry team, you’re gaining a true technology partner. Instead of hiring a recruiting agency and spending extra time and money, cut out the middle man and get immediate access to expert developers with a dedicated development team from Syberry. Yes if the project demands, we are open to send our dedicated teams onsite for a short duration depending on the visa and the governing law. Alternatively, at any point of time, a client can visit our office during business hours and meet the whole engineering team hired or work with them. We give you the opportunity to interview and assess all the team members of the dedicated development team for hire. You can run interviews and assessments you need to identify those developers who suit your project best.

No matter how big or small your development challange is, Intersog offers you top tech talent skilled in any kind of software development and programming language. Since our team knows the important data, it will help us reach the highest productivity over the given project. Also, as we are open for communication, you can always set a virtual connection with our team using web tools. Despite operating remotely, these teams can seamlessly deliver on the various requirements, as long as there exists strong, continued communication about scope and expectations from your end.

What Is A Dedicated Development Team?

Code developed by Geomotiv was used as a stable foundation for future expansion. All dedicated specialists work at a Flat Rate per Developer per month. By default, our agreement contains Intellectual Property rights assignment clauses. Working from last 10+ years into consumer and enterprise mobility, Hardik leads large scale mobility programs covering platforms, solutions, governance, standardization and best practices. Simform provides you with pre-vetted experts to ramp up your development capacity.

Get opportunity to work with India’s top 2% developers & coders who have excellent development skills in a wide array of software technologies. Due to our well-established development processes, product knowledge is accumulated and retained throughout the project. Proper transition plans are created for knowledge transfer to new team members when needed. Identify your needs, work volume for DDT, which projects your staff wants to focus and what exactly do they expect.

  • However, the recent conflict in Ukraine has changed the software development landscape, and now, most companies are looking for countries with a more stable political and economical situation.
  • The team work on multiple projects and deliver according to predetermined design specifications.
  • Your dedicated team has to know answers to these and other questions or know where to find them.
  • If your company lacks experts with the required skills for the project, you have to start the recruiting process that might take a while.

More than 70% of British business people want to outsource and 48% of them are doing this right now. Software development companies have their own recruiters and HR experts. You don’t have to worry about all HR-related activities, paying only the hourly rates. You can change the team composition according to the current business goals as fast as needed. The second main advantage is that having the entire team available on-site helps to connect everyone better, reduce misunderstandings and solve unconstructive conflicts fast, or even prevent them. All the changes and adjustments to the projects can be done faster because everyone is not only in the same time zone but also often in the same office.

It allows optimizing the hiring conditions and adapting them to the projects as much as possible. Now businesses can update their requirements while maintaining the high quality of their products throughout the entire development way. Unlike outsourcing, this cooperation model allows for the control of the composition and workload of the team since they are employees of the company. It is perfect for situations where you dont have a clear vision of the final result of the project.

Hiring A Dedicated Team In Poland Vs Ukraine

It depends on the particular case, the number of experts in your team, and composition. You can get rough estimates for your project by contacting a software development partner that will be able to evaluate your unique situation. You must be fully aware of all the small details in the software development process. Understand clearly the responsibilities of the vendor and on your side to avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings on a high level. Different time zones are not always a bad thing, because you can plan the operations in a way that your operations will be going on 24 hours a day.

We always take into account your project specifications, tech challenges, allocated time and budget, level of flexibility. To make a long story short, TEM is the best fit for your IT department reinforcement. A professional self-managed team will take over your project, allowing you freedom for your core business. First, consider project needs, in-house team development capacity, and your expectations. Whereas his vendor’s team of developers takes care of e-store development on Shopify.

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More so, using open-source frameworks can also save up a substantial amount of money. We help form and hire dedicated web developers and programmers, as well as correct work plans and organize effective project management. So, Whidegroup is a powerful player with rare resources in this game. When working from different locations, possibly different parts of the world, building trust becomes essential to the success of a project. Trust-building is a long, ongoing process, and you must be invested in making it a core focus of your outsourcing relationships for them to work. On the other hand, a fully operational centre for dedicated development has the necessary infrastructure in place to take on projects of varying sizes, nature and complexity, and deliver optimal results.

Whenever a business or an individual entrepreneur needs resources for their project, a dedicated team’s PM assigns specialists with the right qualifications to work exclusively on that project. Manage your photography business seamlessly with the help of our software developers for hire and customizations in your mobile & web or software development solution. Hire dedicated software developers on a project basis and let our team know your project requirements. Projects are completed on a milestone basis and undergo testing stages before providing functional software.

At the same time, you don’t have to think about employee management and can fully focus on your business’s vital processes. Selecting a reliable supplier of dedicated development teams is often easier than creating similar teams from scratch. But your company has to provide its expectations, tech needs, and financial constraints. After all, knowing your critical needs and the issues you struggle with allows finding the appropriate dedicated team of software development professionals.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

Ultimately, this 6-month stint brought about a 110% increase in revenue over time. For searching the best developers or best development team everyone has to make a clear idea about what they need to develop. Searching for developers or a team is easy but selecting the best developers or development team you will be confused about which is best for that so this kind of blog is really helpful to hire a developer.

Why Our Team Model Is Safe?

When it comes to building a tech product from scratch, first-time startup initiators usually have more questions than answers. Being inspired by their idea and the confidence in future success, they still have to make wise business decisions. One of the most accessible advantages of a dedicated development team model is scalability. The customers decide how many people to hire to develop the software from the very beginning, and they can increase or decrease the number of people in the software developers team, if necessary. Whether you already have a team of in-house software developers or don’t have any at all, a Dedicated Development Team model is a great choice for building your software product. If you are tight on budget, not sure about the technical requirements but still want to take on a journey of a long-term project give this model a try!

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools you can use to keep track of your dedicated team and its activities. Making sure everyone is doing their best is a must, therefore it is best to allocate some resources to assuring the quality and productivity of the teams. Your extended team has to have access to all the resources it will need to hit the ground running. The most important are the backlog, the technical documentation, and the code repository.

A short test lasting somewhere from 2 to 4 hours might be perfect for screening the tech abilities of the potential employees. This will help in defining the best candidates as they will have to demonstrate their tech skills and knowledge. Holding daily meetings like this is a good practice that keeps everyone updated, allows employees to structure information on what they’ve done, and plan future tasks. Just be sure to moderate these standups and make them short and to-the-point. If someone starts deviating from the plan, gives too much detailed information, or needs help, talk to the person individually after the meeting.

How do I hire a dedicated development team

TatvaSoft has a proven track record of more than 19 years of helping clients build the best offshore outsourcing team. We enable businesses to scale up or down the extended team strength as per the changing needs. The best SDLC has security embedded at every stage and a crucial factor to consider when hiring a dedicated development team. It’s the first step towards delivering a secure product to your users and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Knowledge & Team Retention

Keep in mind, that when you hire software developers there is an option to sign a personal NDA with each expert. It is an outsourced team of developers that collaborate with a client on a long-term basis. This team of professionals is assembled for your specific business goals, resembles your in-house teams, and, basically, becomes part of your company during the development period. We offer a dedicated team model for senior coders with more than 5 years of relevant experience. The team is full of zest and delivers quality deliverables on time at a cost-effective price.


The main pitfall of the fixed price model is the risk of overpayment. Sometimes you cannot precisely forecast the time and scope of work. At any rate, you will have to pay the amount as agreed in the fixed price contract, even though the job may not have been delivered. According to the 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey report by Deloitte the top reason (70%) to outsource is cutting costs. Hiring a dedicated team also gives the cost reduction benefit and here’s how. That’s why you have to discuss the control and communication practices in advance, without hesitating to suggest the tools and approaches that will work well for your project, in your opinion.

Find experienced engineers quicker and at lower rates than your local market can offer. The candidates we’ll select for your team will have been screened, tested, interviewed and reference-checked. We strongly advise you to interview at least the lead engineers to ensure fit with the rest of your organization. You maintain full control over the working process and request meetings as often as you need. You can also talk to each employee directly to keep closer tabs on the project progress. Understands the user’s behavior and maximizes UX by aligning the product’s design with the user’s expectations.

You will get multiple rounds of interviews during the hiring process. All candidates are approved first by the vendor after technical and HR interviews, to confirm the required skills and motivation to take on the project. Only after verification by the vendor, will you receive a list of candidates that might fit. Increase productivity with dedicated software development teams that focus 100% of their working time on the task. Hire new engineers within days or even hours, stay in full control of core business activities. Experts at Altoros will manage the entire product life cycle and quickly respond to the changing requirements.

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