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Various programming languages, libraries, frameworks, architectural patterns, databases, and standards are there. The solution architect accounts for choosing tools that best suit the specific project, and this demands tech proficiency to compare and access tools. The tech architect approach directly relies on the solution architect’s technology stack.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

Eventually, the system was integrated into existing processes and tested. This was called a waterfall model as steps were discreet and strictly followed each other. Software architecture and systems integrated into it are numerous details that work together. A solutions architect needs to be very attentive to those details, as overlooking something may hinder the development process, lead to breakdowns, or make the software solution inefficient.

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For that, architects do some solution architecture—draw diagrams to understand which components are required for this app. That’s why companies need IT solution architects to make sure the product will meet their requirements, and there won’t be any time or budget overruns. Now, we hope you have answers to all the solutions architects’ relevant queries and more. If you have other questions, feel free to reach us, we would be more than happy to sort out your business issues.

  • Some non-functional needs also exist that point out how the software performs a specific action.
  • You will always get an opportunity if you’re working for an enterprise as a junior sysadmin to understand a problem, design a solution, and implement said solution.
  • Being able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, project managers, developers, and software vendors involved in the software development process is essential for a solutions architect.
  • This was called a waterfall model as steps were discreet and strictly followed each other.
  • They must fit into the current enterprise architecture and other systems that the company has been using before.
  • Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a software architect job description.

A solutions architect can be introduced to a company’s enterprise structure through software architecture consulting services. A technical architect chiefly oversees the software architecture, technical engineering, and implementation technology. Their main task is to provide technical leadership and make decisions regarding the most vital parts of the system that is being developed. A solutions architect is responsible for translating the vision for the project to the development team and plays a pivotal part throughout the entire systems development lifecycle. Solution architects design or modify systems architecture to meet certain business needs. They test, integrate, and program software systems to ensure that specific business issues are solved.

Solution Architect Job Description Template

As such, his work impacts multiple aspects of business operation. This scope of work requires a particular set of skills that can make the process efficient and productive. Although a solutions architect is not directly involved in project development, they still need to ensure that project resources are being used efficiently and impactfully. Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a software architect job description. But if you aim at enterprise-level solutions or want to grow your existing product, you may want an IT solution architect to lead the process. Solution architects lead the process—they make sure the software will work as stakeholders expect, meet their tech and non-tech requirements, won’t exceed budget, and will be released in time.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

This article focuses on the Solution Architect role, but for clarity, here’s a brief explanation of the other two roles and how they compare to the Solution Architect role. There are several Solution Architect roles covered under the umbrella of the position. So, such constraints may significantly modify the product, affecting its time to market and cost. For example, the mobile app should also include some functions that work in an offline mode also.

What Are The Skills Of A Solution Architect?

Having a large-scale project may demand hiring a Solution architect as he will help with the management of software architects and the teams involved to emerge with a best-quality outcome. A new product never works alone; it should go well with the current enterprise architecture that already exists in the company. So, architects choose the best suitable software that can perform when with the existing ecosystem.

The position will be involved in all aspects of delivering BW solutions from design, development to implementation. However, today most development teams use other iterative – Agile Methods like Scrum, Lean, and Kanban. But bridging the gap between requirements and technology helped address the second problem – communication difference. Later this problem was dubbed into Solution Architecture and the role of the person leading it was known as a Solutions Architect.

Q: What Would Your Recommendation Be To Anyone Looking To Pursue A Career As A Solutions Architect?

If the team follows the Agile methodology, the solution architect’s role is to support the development team, accompanying the project at the implementation stage. At the same time, they can create prototypes to identify tech limitations or delve into product design. To perform a solution architect’s role, one needs to complete a technical education and practical experience across every central solutions architect roles and responsibilities area of software development process and hardware engineering proficiency. Both roles require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an information sciences-related field, while many possess advanced degrees in these disciplines. They work closely with development teams to communicate IT strategies and outline practices that are meant to be followed throughout the project.

A solution architect will suit your product needs with the best ways to implement them while explaining everything clearly according to the business terms. Holding a complete plan of future software and a list of essential and needed technologies is best despite having just an idea. You can impress your investors better if you hold complete knowledge of your product and issues to resolve. Any business needs that specify the functional requirements of the software are met here.

Sometimes job descriptions can focus too much on what the company plans to change and what’s coming up in the future, which can turn away candidates. The job description is not a place to test candidates on the technical language that they know and understand. As such, a solution architect is a must-have for those companies that go for complex solutions beyond a mere WordPress cookie-cutter. As of Jul 1, 2020, the average annual pay for an AWS Solutions Architect in the United States is $155,005 a year.

solutions architect roles and responsibilities

Of course, you don’t need a solution architect for each product. Companies look for people who perform solutions architect duties only when their projects become more complex and challenging. Solutions architect skills include technical knowledge, communication, and leadership skills.

General understanding and technical expertise of enterprise-class ETL/BI tools . Responsible for root cause analysis and providing solutions for SAP BW Reporting production and development issues. Enterprise architects are required to fit a solution into the corporate ecosystem, engineering team, and architects to break down tech details. Solution architects are in charge of designing and creating databases as well as computer and network systems for their clients. In addition to identifying opportunities to streamline operations, they are responsible for resolving infrastructure issues. When you progress in your career, the result you want becomes bigger.

Evaluates project constraints to find alternatives, alleviate risks, and perform process re-engineering if required. Informing various stakeholders about any problems with the current technical solutions being implemented. In the case of enterprise software projects, these overruns may lead to huge financial losses. Act as a liaison between the technical and sales teams to convert requirements into outcomes. As far as technical background, Solution Architects come from a variety of fields including computer science, information technology, software engineering, and other areas related to technology.

The responsibility of a solution architect is to pick the most suitable tools for a particular project. Now, let’s move to the responsibilities of a solution architect. I’ve selected four main processes architects are responsible for. Next, an IT solutions architect helps to assemble a development team—define how many developers they need, as well as where each of them should start. A solution architect’s job here is to explain how this app can be built, what tools—programming languages, frameworks, APIs—should be used, and how much time this process will take. Software architecture can be intimidating, which is why at Svitla Systems, we do our best and beyond to remove the uncertainty and challenges out of your hands and create the best solutions for you from scratch.

Personally, I get satisfaction when I see the solutions I recommended get implemented and see people using them. I work with government agencies and one of the solutions we’re currently working on is a COVID response project for New Zealand. To create, suggest, and contribute a COVID response solution is pretty amazing; because for many people at this time, getting government support seamlessly is very helpful. Many organizations have different ideas of what a Solution Architect should be.

Software Architect Job Description

Architect is how to deal with different people, and their feelings, and the human psychology of navigating a given situation. In terms of software development, this is the goal behind solution architecture – to describe, design, and manage how things should be in order to achieve business goals and solve problems. It’s like hiring a super-senior developer but with deep expertise in a specific field—healthcare, education, traveling, or any other. For solution architects, the business side of the product matters as much as the technical side. Among the responsibilities of solution architects is making sure the software they work on meets all functional requirements. A solution architect finds the required software solution and works with a clear project vision and a clear understanding of the client’s business requirements.

With a skilled team of software architects for your convenience, we can help you orchestrate success through software. An IT solution architect guides your processes when your target is enterprise solutions or to make your existing product grow. However, a solution architect is not involved directly in project development. Still, they should ensure that the project resources are used effectively. They are well-versed with such constraints and bring the best ways to deal with them. And the more rapidly you deal with them; the more it will deliver the products cheaper and faster.

A solutions architect should hold a specific skill set that’s enough to successfully craft, build, and guide the software development solution. A solution architect helps the development team understand the project’s vision and plays an important role all through the complete system development lifecycle. The candidate should have a strong business acumen and understanding in a business process area and proven track record in leading and developing complex SAP HANA BW/BI enterprise solutions for global organizations. Lastly, a solutions architect must know the required DevOps and business analysis process. You need to have a networking understanding, such as, how routes work, how software-defined networking works inside a cluster, the logging solutions, the cloud technologies — so, it does become a wide skills requirement. For me, coming from a sysadmin background, I already had a very strong base of Linux, networking, and programming.

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Defining which solutions are beneficial and which are inefficient for a particular business need. Define solution requirements, key features of the solution, and phases of implementation. There is a need to combine all of this data into one big picture.

What Is A Solutions Architect?: Role & Responsibilities

Here we will check out top cases when looking for a solutions architect. After that, they pass on their tech vision to their development team, who next starts their work. Drive evaluations and recommendation of new SAP BW solutions / technologies. Develop technical specifications/detailed design for BW HANA Technical Development of Data Modeling, HANA Calculation Views in Control Reports. Neeti Kotia is a technology journalist who seeks to analyze the advancements and developments in technology that affect our everyday lives. Her articles primarily focus upon the business, social, cultural, and entertainment side of the technology sector.

And the faster you deal with them, the faster and cheaper the product will be delivered. Each project has constraints—time, money, limitations, risks, licensing. Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. While it is a challenging role, it is also a role born out of an experience, which helps bear the burden of an entire solution deployment. Design solutions that mesh ideally with an enterprise environment. Every project comes with constraints that can be time risks, money, and licensing.

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You will always get an opportunity if you’re working for an enterprise as a junior sysadmin to understand a problem, design a solution, and implement said solution. I’ve done that in my career many times with the aim that I’m going to be a Solution Architect or an enterprise architect in the future. Well, I started as an operations lead, where I was leading about 28 people doing daily tasks, managing around 15 customers on a daily basis. Even then, I spent a lot of time learning major technologies — middleware, programming languages, databases — and improving my soft skills, such as writing and communications. The role of a solution architect is to ensure the product meets business requirements and requirements from other stakeholders. The primary role of a solution architect is to ensure the product meets business requirements and requirements from other stakeholders.

Compatibility With Legacy Systems – Usually a product never exists alone. They must fit into the current enterprise architecture and other systems that the company has been using before. For example, as you use an old legacy monster, your admin panel should be able to tame it and communicate with it. Solutions Architect considers existing enterprise architecture to ensure that a new product fits well into the existing ecosystem. Of course, you always want to make sure you’re in front of these people if they need to talk to you. Throughout the entire buying process, you always want to make yourself available.

Building a program used to look like gambling in a casino three decades ago. Projects used to fail or were over budget, schedule, or missing functionality, and only a minority met initial expectations. Later, the software development scenario took a turn for the better wherein – a team of representatives gathered requirements, development was scheduled and budgeted. Thousands of pages of documentation were handed off to the tech team to design and development.